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Everyone can have negative or defeatist thoughts from time-to-time.  It’s when that way of thinking becomes a pattern or habit that having those thoughts can become a problem.  It can derail a career, catch on with your team, start a downward productivity spiral and get in the way of problem resolution. Twelve of my Forbes…

Author: Lexy Thompson and Bill Gardner | Source: HCI | Published: February 25, 2016 Community: Management & Leadership THE UNFORTUNATE TRUTH OF LEADERSHIP. So often a leader will unknowingly make the shift from playing to win, to playing not to lose. Go back to the first day of your current leadership role, the excitement, the possibilities…

Forbes Coaches Council members come from a wide range of backgrounds. And with their wide range of experiences, they have a lot to share with clients and fellow members of the community. To help them share with an even greater audience, we’re profiling Forbes Coaches Council members here on the blog. This week: Bill Gardner….

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