We custom design assessments depending on the presenting issue for organization-wide efforts. Our consultants and associates are skilled in designing data collection via questionnaire, focus group, FlowTeam™ Dynamics sessions, nominal group technique, archival data analysis and anthropological observation methodology.

Design and Delivery

Gardner was a design leader or critical delivery partner in large scale organizational change efforts:

  • To prepare a university to cope with an influx of non-traditional students for the first time.
  • To help an electric utility reorganize and restructure operations as part of moving from a monopoly with a defined service area to a deregulated competitive environment.
  • To help a Fortune 200 company create and implement its first technology change in fifty years.
  • To support a seven-year culture change for a global manufacturing organization as it reduced layers of management and moved to self-directed manufacturing work teams.
  • To build a global leadership pipeline to deliver an efficient and effective way to increase leadership bench strength.