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Author: Lexy Thompson and Bill Gardner | Source: HCI | Published: February 25, 2016


So often a leader will unknowingly make the shift from playing to win, to playing not to lose. Go back to the first day of your current leadership role, the excitement, the possibilities and how you were going to set the world on fire, or at least your team. You came in, took some time to learn the lay of the land, got to know what motivated each team member and became clear on expectations that were in front of you and your team.  You were in it to win it.

Now come back to where you are today.

  • Are you still playing to win?
  • Have the organizational constraints, rules of engagement and market conditions sobered you up?

The cost and reality of shifting from “play to win” to “play not to lose” is subtle. We will be exploring the impact of this shift in leadership on innovation, communication, change and sustainability in a four-part series. Today we’ll focus on innovation.

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