The primary assessment used for individual development is The Leadership Circle Profile multi-rater (360) feedback instrument. This profile is the first Universal Model of Leadership and is supported by research about validity of results as well as bottom-line impact of development achieved from the results.
Other individual level assessments we are certified to use:

Workplace Big 5
Hogan Personality Assessments
The Strength Deployment Inventory

Design & Delivery

We have training and experience designing development activities based on PhD level course work in designing programs for adult learners, specifically Action Science methodology. Also we use a proprietary methodology based on Gardner’s Sustainable Behavioral Change© model (in editing for publication). Our efforts are supplemented by methodologies learned in the Center for Creative Leadership’s Coaching Certification and 40 years’ experience designing and delivering adult education and leadership development in a university, an industrial gas and specialty chemicals organization, an electric utility and a high technology design and manufacturing environment. Our design led to recognition as one of the 100 best training organizations in the US four years running.