Our primary assessment model is based on the Values Centered Performance Model© by Gardner and Baker. A series of proprietary questions gives insight into issues facing a group or team and allows for targeted interventions. The model is easy to understand and has immediate validity with a team making understanding the results a simple and straightforward process. High functioning teams can be assessed to be better, underperforming teams can be strengthened, groups can increase innovation and productivity. We can also respond to conflict intervention needs through our assessments.

Design & Delivery

Gardner was part of a team that designed and delivered a workshop called “Leading Teams” for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. The course formed the backbone of the most popular Team Workshop in the US in the 1980s and 1990s. The course was built on the structure of the Values Centered Performance Model. Team development efforts are not to be confused with popular “teambuilding” efforts which are often just games played by people who happen to work together. While there is a time and place for games and team building our designs are delivered to improve specific areas of team functioning and productivity. All teams emerge from our programs more efficient, more effective and with the knowledge and skills need to sustain effective group productivity.