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Six years ago when I started Noetic Outcomes with two Austin clients, I never dreamed that I would add iconic companies like GE, American Airlines, Yamaha, and Turner Broadcasting to my client list.  Over the last few years the market has demanded executive coaching and leadership development instead of my original intent to focus on Organization Development interventions.  Executive Coaching has become the heart of my business and has allowed me the exciting opportunity to coach managers and executives from twenty-six countries.  Revenues year-over-year have steadily increased and last year exploded by eighty-five percent!

Now we’re changing our brand to fit our new business focus.

Central to the brand is the Penrose Triangle sometimes called the infinite triangle or the impossible object.  I chose this symbol because a triangle represents “delta” in the Greek alphabet and is used in mathematics to represent “difference” or “change.” 

Change is central to all work we deliver:

  • Individual change through coaching
  • Team growth and change through targeted interventions
  • Organization change through culture and systems work

The impossibility of the symbol represents the state of mind of many clients when they engage us. We recognize that change is hard and that’s why having a fresh, creative, and data-driven partner will help them break free and move toward sustainable solutions.

The infinite characteristic of our symbol represents the unlimited possibilities we offer clients by bringing innovation and creativity through “noesis.”  Noesis is knowledge that comes from academic theory tested in real-world situations with a healthy dose of intuition.

Finally, the symbol has three of my favorite colors chosen to represent important values to our clients.

Green represents growth and renewal

Dark Blue is symbolic of elegance and intelligence

Purple combines the energy of red with the stability of blue and can be used to represent the magic we believe our clients can create with our support

Thanks again for being part of this journey! 

For 2016 I wish for you, your family, and your business endeavors health, joy, and prosperity.


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