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Q: It seems that innovation as a whole is becoming more top-of-mind among businesses and business leaders, and it certainly seems to surface more in the media. Why do you think that’s so? There has been downward pressure on margins for several years now. Businesses have two ways to increase margins—cut expenses or raise prices….

It’s ironic that stopping to reflect will help a leader win the race. In my coaching practice, I’ve worked with executive leaders in many Fortune 500 companies, including managers and leaders from 25 countries. One characteristic they most share is being so caught up in doing, that there is simply no time left for reflecting. This sets…

Six years ago when I started Noetic Outcomes with two Austin clients, I never dreamed that I would add iconic companies like GE, American Airlines, Yamaha, and Turner Broadcasting to my client list.  Over the last few years the market has demanded executive coaching and leadership development instead of my original intent to focus on…

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