What Our Clients Say?

  • “Bill’s infectious energy, passion for learning, easy manner, and ability to engage people at all levels in a personal way are traits I will always admire about him. His ability to connect with all personalities, find common ground in seemingly impossible situations, and his knowledge of learning theory and application is a credit to the many employees he interacted with at AMD. I am thrilled Bill is an executive coach to our directors and senior managers. His insights and ability to work with our leaders to develop plans that will improve their performance is critical to our leadership development programs. Bill is one of those rare leaders who leave a lasting impact, and working with him on projects and programs is one of the great joys in my career.”
    Mark Pearson (Senior Manager, Global Organization and Leadership Development , AMD)
  • “Bill has the ability to deliver Leadership content with a great deal of common sense that makes sessions enjoyable and interesting.”
    Saf Asghar ( Senior Fellow, Inventor, DSP Communications Executive)
  • “Bill is a master of both detail and feeling, bringing a uniquely analytical and empathetic perspective to challenging situations. This enables him to see things from more angles than most of us do, and to build consensus because of it.”
    Nate Turner (Owner and Director of Training, Sport Speed Austin, LLC)
  • “I had the distinct pleasure to work with Bill a number of times over the past few years. He has been a good leader and a mentor for me on these projects with his deep experience in leadership development. With his great personal skills, he helps large, diverse and overly subscribed teams to stay focused to deliver high quality results in complex projects.”
    Serhat Cicekoglu (Principal, Corporate Development, Office of Strategy , AMD, Austin, Texas)
  • [Bill is] a subject matter expert in Organization Development and team development. I experienced Bill as someone very inspiring and driving innovation, diversity, change and global thinking.”
    Christa Buchwald (Sr. Manager Talentsourcing , AMD Saxony LLC & Co.KG, Dresden, Germany)
  • "There is no organizational issue, group dynamic or corporate cultural challenge that I would not entrust to Bill. He is a well respected leader whose stellar reputation is well deserved.”
    Lynda Baker, MEd, CPF (President, MeetingSolution)